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Putting the FOCUS on mule deer.

Getting hunters involved in the process


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The Plans

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Get Involved in the Process

We want local sportsmen and others who have an interest in mule deer to get involved in the process and collaborate with their local biologists to craft unit-specific management plans that factor in the unique challenges and public sentiment of each unit.

The state was broken up into 30 units so they can be managed specifically, now let's work toward meeting the needs of each unit. 

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Buck-to-Doe Ratio Objectives

We feel that the majority of vested hunters want to raise the number of bucks we carry in the population each year. More bucks means better hunting for everyone. Sportsmen from individual units need to work together with the UDWR to implement changes to the state-wide management policies.

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Re-Invest in the future of Mule Deer in YOUR unit

It's time we as sportsmen actively invest in the future of our mule deer, but the last thing we want is our money to be used for ventures we don't support. 


In the near future, we will find ways to fund our local resources, and perpetuate quality hunting into the future. 

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The Mission

The Southern Utah Deer Alliance's vision is simple. We will get all of the hunters who care about the future together. We will advocate for all things mule deer, and we will stay involved in the process and ensure that DEER HUNTERS' VOICES are heard as management policies on our GENERAL SEASON UNITS are enacted. We will do this on a local, unit-by-unit level.  We will work closely with our UDWR biologists, RAC members, elected officials, and fellow sportsmen and advocate for things that make sense, and that the majority of the hunting public agrees with. And we don't want your money, we want your support. In Utah, we've made great strides forward in the last decade, and the goal of this organization is to ensure that we continue in that direction.

Everything we do and push for will be geared toward growth. We want to grow deer population numbers. We want to grow the buck-to-doe ratios. And most importantly, we want to grow public support and keep deer hunters involved in the policy-making process. We also want to grow and expand hunting opportunities in a way that doesn't make us lose what we've gained.

On the flip-side, anything that threatens the mule deer's growth, we will fight vigorously. We will fight to eliminate more of the predators that are killing our deer. We will also fight to rid our units of scum-sucking poachers, in a variety of ways.

We look forward to working with everyone, and we know that we can make this all happen. We just need solid plans, serious public support, and action when it's RAC time. We'll be in touch.


As things get rolling, we will have contact information for each unit. For now, please direct any questions and comments to Steve Monk,

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